All you need is love

The reason I decided to write a book about love is because love is wonderful, and the world really does need more of it floating around.

Whether you are writing or reading about love, it makes you feel cosy and warm. We all need to feel cosy and warm at times.

This is a magical story about soulmates that will make you fall in love again.

Now, as we all know, love can come in many forms. It’s not all about romantic relationships. You can help spread love and joy wherever you go. It’s really simple, you just have to be kind.

Love is a major part of human life, which is why so many write about the feeling. It really does fascinate us.

So, start believing in the power of love, sorry if I just put that song in your head. Show love, give love, and do not be afraid to accept any love that comes your way.

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