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The Old Boat Clubhouse: When Hollywood actor Keaton Byrd needs a brand boost, the last thing Harriet Hadley thinks is that it will involve her. All she does is work in housekeeping in Sandly’s biggest hotel. Being asked to be his pretend girlfriend in exchange for a whole heap of money doesn’t exist, even in her wildest dreams. Can she really pull it off? Be the small-town girl who he needs to rebuild his image? It’s worth a try. What could go wrong? Especially with Keaton’s right-hand man, Jude Jackson, always by her side, making sure she’s okay. He smells so good, just like the ocean she adores, and he looks like the men her sister Lexi puts on the front covers of her steamy romance novels. How is Harriet supposed to concentrate on being Keaton’s fake girlfriend when she can’t stop looking at Jude? The best part is, Jude is always looking back.

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Castle on the Mead: Harrison Connell leads a quiet life, but Ashley Hadley is determined to get him to come out of his shell. When she gets the chance to move into his castle, she sets about putting the old building back on the map. Harrison doesn’t want his home to become a tourist attraction, but that’s the least of his worries, as someone seems determined to destroy him, or maybe it’s Ashley they want to hurt.

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Christmas Memories at Waterside Cottage: Blurb to come.

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