Welcome to Honeydale – the home with a heart.

Snuggle up with these cosy, feel-good comfort reads that whisk you away to the beautiful Scottish Highlands – Perfect for fans of Christie Barlow, Alison Sherlock, Holly Martin, and Rachael Lucas.

The Honeydale novellas are standalone stories that intertwine with recurring characters.

Honeydale Lodge: Blake Hart has a fairy-tale holiday park to open, but his ex-girlfriend turns up wanting his help. After the way she dumped him years ago, there is no way he wants to be the fake fiancé she needs to swindle her poor old aunt. Is that really the woman he fell in love with back in university?

Had Zoey known her wicked old aunt would want proof, she would never have used Blake as her pretend hubby-to-be. It’s a long way to his home in Scotland, but if she wants to fulfil her mother’s dying wish, she has to find him.

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The Black Hat Inn: Winnie Hart takes pity on the homeless man she finds sleeping in her storage barn. He is so poorly, she can’t help but settle him into one of her rooms at her inn. Once Tom is better, she gets to really know him. At least, she thinks she does until she discovers he’s been keeping a secret from her.

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The Little Bakery on Wishing Well Lane: There’s only one thing Ava Hart loves more than Carter Drew, and that’s his aunt’s bakery where she works. But when his aunt dies and leaves half of the business to Ava, Carter isn’t happy. Can their friendship survive when they both want different things for the rundown bakery?

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Emerald Tree Farm: Cameron Hart pretty much runs his grandfather’s Christmas tree farm in Honeydale, and there’s nothing in the world that he wouldn’t do to keep it from harm. So when the new reporter for the local rag turns up wanting to dig up his land because medieval coins were found there, he is beyond livid. Even more so because Faye Turner keeps popping up everywhere he goes.

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